Your Worth Is Not a Number

That selfie you posted only got a few likes. It made you feel unloved, unseen. Worthless.

You stepped on that scale again. You stared, disheartened by what you saw. You’ve been sweating, crying, working so hard. You feel ugly.

Your followers on that site haven’t grazed ten. Your blog—well, its gone unnoticed. You believe there’s no point in opening your mouth. There’s no point in typing that message.

How wrong that is, my friend.

Your worth is not a number.

It’s not determined by likes, followers, or people.

God made you in His image (Genesis 1:27). Yes, sin—as black as night—mars us all. But God wishes to wash you white as snow (Isaiah 1:18). Jesus saw your sin, and still chose to die for you. He looked it square in the face (He looked the devil in the eyes) as He bore the punishment you deserved. He, an innocent man, defeated your every enemy on the cross.

Your worth is in God.

He made you. Like the oceans and trees. The sunset and the breeze. Yet, He made you even more uniquely than these. He made you with purpose (Ephesians 2:10). He made you with thoughts and gifts, a heart and a mind.

He wishes to save you, and call you His very own child. Despite everything, He looks on you with loving compassion. He wants to blot out your sin, and clothe you in His own righteousness. (What a trade: our sin for His righteousness!)

You don’t have to search anymore: for love, or approval. “Who could love me?” Well, Jesus (the Lord and Savior) does, and He’s not far from any one of us (Acts 17:27-28).

Call on Him.

Numbers aren’t your identity.

Neither is failure, nor rejection.

May this be your identity:
Child of God;
Dearly beloved;
Fearfully and wonderfully made.

Chin up, and wear it well.

You are loved.

Let your boast be in Christ alone.

Recommended reading: Psalm 139

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