The pain is overwhelming.
The nights only seem to darken.
The sun is far from sight.

Joy comes in the morning.”
But where is the morning, and where is the light?
Your strength is fading
like a mighty mountain;
crumbling, carried into the midst of the sea:
lost and sinking.

All it takes is faith as small as a mustard seed.”
But what if that faith is smaller still,
gradually waning into a state of nonexistence?
What if hope and love seem to slip through your fingers
like bittersweet memories?

“Yes, grace. My grace.
When you feel like the night is perpetual;
when you feel like you’re all out of strength, hope, faith and love;
look to Me.

“I AM everything you are looking for and more.
I have risen, and you will rise with Me, too.

“The night is ending—
the day will come.

Just run to Me, My child.

(There is always hope. There is grace for every day.)


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